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A university textbook written in an informal style and so pleasent to read, but a bit hard to follow. It has a number of of other negatives as well,

1.A major problem for readers outside of university is that the book only has a few worked examples per topic but a large number of exercises without anwsers,
2.While the situations in the exercises are rather creative, the description and worked examples are always general, i.e. A + B —> R + S. The book would be more practical if it used real reactions as a basis for the description and worked examples,
3.The chapter on fluidised beds starts well, but soon the author is invoking the magic phrase "this is beyond the scope of this book" and refers you several times to his other book, Chemical Reactor Omnibook.

Brief Description of Contents

The book is split into five sections.
1.Homogeneous Reactions in Ideal ReactorsCovers Kinetics of Homogeneous Reactions, Interpretation of Batch Reactor Data, Introduction to Reactor Design, Ideal Reactors for a Single Reaction, Design for Single Reactions, Design for Parallel Reactions, Potpourri of Multiple Reactions, Temperature and Pressure Effects, Choosing the Right Kind of Reactor.
2.Flow Patterns, Contacting and Non-Ideal FlowBasics of Non-Ideal Flow, Compartment Models, The Dispersion Model, The Tanks-in-Series Model, The Convection Model for Laminar Flow, Earliness of Mixing, Segregation and RTD
3.Reactions Catalyzed by SolidsSolid Catalysed Reactions, The Packed Bed Catalytic Reactor, Reactors with Suspended Solid Catalyst, Fluidised Reactors of Various Types, Deactivating Catalysts, G/L Reactions on Solid Catalyst: Trickle Beds, Slurry Reactors, Three-Phase Fluidised Beds
4.Non-Catalytic SystemsFluid-Fluid Reactions: Kinetics, Fluid-Fluid Reactors: Design, Fluid-Particle Reactions: Kinetics, Fluid-Particle Reactors: Design
5.Biochemical Reaction SystemsEnzyme Fermentation, Microbial Fermentation - Introduction and Overall Picture, Substrate-Limiting Microbial Fermentation

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